Model European Union Albania 2015

Model European Union Albania

A unique simulation of European Union decision-making process and politics

This five-days simulation is taking place every year in Tirana since 2011.
During the simulation, the participants of MEU project undertake the roles and status of the EU Institutions’ and EU-NATO committee’s members, by debating controversial and real-life legislative proposals.
The opportunity to have a first-hand experience in EU inner workings.
By simulating the EU law making process, it enables MEU participants to experiment and understand the complexities of the EU in practice, while developing theoretical skills in EU law and practical skills such as debating, public speaking or advocacy work.



MEU Albania project has gone from strength to strength every year since it began in 2011.


In the light of the recent security events occurred in Europe, MEU 2015 is pleased to introduce a new stakeholder, the EU-NATO committee, as well as new issues, foreign policy and security.


Since June 2014, Albania is an official candidate country, a new status which makes this MEU edition even more special.

Personnalities who have supported our work over the years

Mr. Ilir Meta

Speaker of the Albanian Parliament

Mrs. Klajda Gjosha

Minister of European Integration of Republic of Albania

Mrs. Jozefina Topalli

Former Speaker of the Albanian Parliament

Mr. Ettore Sequi

Former Ambassador of the European Union to Albania

Mr. Eduard Kukan

Member of European Parliament European People's Party

Ms. Doris Pack

Former Member of the European Parliament


  • Marvelous experience related to a wonderful organization. Long lasting friendships even after the event… Having the plenary sessions in the parliament added and additional value to the event and made it the most unforgetable experience!

    Klaus Haxhiu

  • I was a participant of MEU Tirana in 2012 in the European Parliament, where I was elected as the president of ALDE Party. The experience was and is still very valuable and an added value to both my professional and personal formation. I managed to grasp the functioning of EU institutions from a procedural and practical point. On the other hand my friendships and networking in MEU Tirana are still amazingly functional and I believe they will be long-lasting. It was a perfect week full of work and fun. One of few times I enjoyed my city both as a tourist and local at the same time. Take part and actively enjoy youth-hood days, because later on you will have many outcomes of professional investments to collect and many memories to cheer. Besides, Tirana is a lovely city all yours to discover!

    Lutjona Lola

  • MEU is a great multi-dimensional experience where you learn the importance of debating, negotiating taking roles and decision making. It is like a circle where you naturally become socialized and face interesting people and cultures. As it takes place in one of the most recommended destination to be visited for 2015 you can’t miss it. If you seek for amazing experiences you have to undergo for MEU

    Xhuljana Muca

Our team

PhD and Assistant Lecturer of Law, MEU Director
Secretary General
External relations Officer
Head of Public Relations
Communication Officer
President of Pro~Youth
Founder of MEU Albania

This project is implemented by: Pro~Youth