Read the Albanian Guardian!

Last year the newsletter was called the Observer because it was observing the work of the MEU. But the press have a more important role than just observing what goes on. Seen as one of the pillars of a good democracy the press should be independent and is not limited to just observing and informing the people. It has a duty to protect the public interest, to guard it.

Thus this year we are reborn as the Albanian Guardian!

Just click on the image below to read the issue, but please note most are around 2mb PDF files.

First Edition: 10 October 2012

Image of newsletter

The first edition welcomes the delegates to MEU Albania 2012 and includes details of the make up fo the parliament and some useful words in Albanian for first time visitors!

Second Edition: 11 October 2012

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The second edition delves in to the politics- highlighting the newly elected Faction leaders and delves a little in to the thoughts of participants.

Third Edition: 12 October 2012

The third issue includes coverage of the activities of the Consilium and an interview with the Chair of the MEU European Parliament. Of course this issue would not be complete without some gossip and coverage of the proposal for EU Candidate Membership by the Commission.

Fourth Edition: 13 October 2012

Building on the success of the previous issues, Albanian Guardian is back with the penultimate edition covering work in the Council and Europan Parliament sessions. And of course some fun photographs!

Fifth Edition: 14 October 2012

The final newsletter, on the final day... will it be filled with gossip? A report back from the plenary (well actually the press conference hasn't happened yet!)? Or feedback on people's thoughts for the event? Only one way to find out- read it!